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    The criteria for any issue taken by the Order of Preachers should first be Biblical, based upon the clear guidance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and His Church, as well as promoting moral theology, right living, and well ordered life and society--not political ideals or agendas.  The following documents describe in detail the Chapter's position on these matters.


    Our Hope as a Chapter and as members of the Order of Preachers and His Church, that we will take on a chapter apostolate(s) and ministries that will effectively preach the Gospel in all that we do, whether at home, work, play, or at Church. 


    A.  How the Chapter got involved in the issue of Catholic Social Teaching.


        1. What started it all.  It was in the March April edition of Christ in the World, a publication of the lay members of the Western Dominican Province, wherein it was noted that, "One of our Western Dominican student friars voiced his feelings that the North American Dominican Justice Promoters are too political."  Christ in the World, Vol. 18, No. 5, p. 6 (March-April edition, 2007).  (See, Here)

2.  The Chapter's response.   On Social Justice Issues    

          3.   The Challenge to the United Nations.    


         4.    Joyce Calagos, OPL's, Promoter of Justice, Peace, and Care of Creation for Western Dominican Province, and her response to the Boise Chapter's Document "On Social Justice Issues."  Click Here.

         5.    Boise Chapter member, John Keenan, OPL, response to Joyce.  Click Here.

        6.    "In order to Further Social Justice: Preach!"  Click here.

   B.  Additional Documents.

                1.   Series on Catholic Social Teaching

                            i.  No. 1. A review of the modern Papal social doctrine encyclicals.

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