Motion to Amend the Chapter Bylaws as follows:

1.      By adding the following wording to Article III, section (f) as underscored:

Article III

(f)    To set goals, priorities, objectives, and policies of the Corporation at its annual or other regular meeting; and to adopt an Official Budget of the Corporation for each fiscal year [upon adoption, said Official Budget authorizes the prior or prioress to expend funds up to and including the total amount authorized for any budget category without the necessity of further consideration by the Council]; and, biennially commencing fiscal year A.D. 2012, the Council shall cause an audit of all accounts, books, and minutes of the Corporation [and all committees] to be completed within five months of the close of the fiscal year.

2.   By deleting the following stricken words from Article IV, section (d)(8) relating to the Treasurer and amending section (9) to section (8) as follows:

Article IV.


(d)   treasurer.  The treasurer (or his or her designee upon notice to, and approval of, the Council) shall (1) have custody of, charge of, and responsibility for, all funds, properties, and securities of the Corporation, and deposit any such funds in any depository as directed by the Council, with the prior or prioress and treasurer, and one member of the council, as signatories on said account, with two-signatures required, and such depository shall be federally-insured; (2) receive and give receipt for, moneys due and payable to the Corporation ; (3) disburse funds as directed by the Council; (4) exhibit at all reasonable times the books of account and financial account to any councilor or other designated agent of the Corporation; (5) accept and maintain accounts of the Corporation, including properties, transactions, assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements, gains and losses; (6) render to the any councilor at any reasonable time, a report of any and all transactions, and the financial condition of the Corporation; (7) certify, or cause to be certified, financial statements regarding the financial condition of the Corporation; (8) submit all books, reports, or other matters under his or her direction, to an audit, to be performed minimally once per year within three months after the close of the fiscal year; and, (98) perform himself or authorize any employee or agent as authorized by the Council, in the treasurer’s place, to sign checks, notes, drafts, and orders for payment of expenditures first approved by the prior or prioress or as approved by resolution of the Council.


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