Chapter Organizational Documents, Meetings and

Chapter Contacts.


Organizational Documents for Blessed Margaret of Castello Chapter.

1.  April 11, 1990 letter from Bishop Tod Brown granting permission for Lay Dominicans to organize in the Diocese of Boise.

2.  Articles of Incorporation, State of Idaho. August 13, 1998.

3.  Internal Revenue Service EO letter dated April 11, 2000.

4. Current corporate bylaws.

            a.  Proposed Amendments to bylaws; to be considered by the Council.

5.  Official Chapter Budget (Fiscal year 2012; July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012).

6. Homedale Property bylaws.

6.  DBA St. Dominic's School.

7. Letter to Province (Petition to become recognized Chapter of Holy Name of Jesus Province (Western Province)) (June 14, 2004).

8. Dominican Overseas Education & Relief Society (Certificate of Assumed Business Name; State of Idaho).

Lay Fraternity of St. Dominic (Order of Preacher) Organizational Documents.

1.  Link to The Rule.

2.  Link to The Particular Directory of the Western Dominican Province.


The Idaho Lay Dominicans meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 11:00 o'clock a.m. at Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church, 1122 Linden, Caldwell, Idaho.   The chapter is called the Blessed Margaret of Castello Chapter and is associated with the Western U.S. Dominican Province of the Order of Preachers, an order of the Roman Catholic Church.  The local chapter is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt Idaho corporation.  The Chapter meets monthly which includes prayer, study, reading, discussion, and in the sharing of what each member of the Order has contemplated.  You are welcome to attend a meeting

Contacts and Members of the Blessed Margaret of Castello Chapter Council.

The following persons are officers and members of the Council, that serve the lay Fraternity here in Idaho [Effective October 20, 2010]:

Mrs. Kathleen Schuck, O.P; Prioress  

Mrs. Carolyn Reese, O.P.; Subprioress

Fr Vincent Kelber O.P.; Religious Assistant (Holy Rosary Parish and Priory, Portland)

Mr. Mark Gross, O.P.; Secretary; Editor, Provincial Newsletter, "Truth be Told." (208)761-1038  [mgross((@))]

Ms. Maria Chudzinska, O.P.; Treasurer

Dr. Anita Moore, O.P., Alternate, Lay Provincial Council Representative

Mrs. Gayle Boyer, O.P.; At-large.

Mrs. Stephanie DeNinno, O.P.; Formation Director   

Dr. John Keenan, O.P.; Lay Provincial Council Representative (208)375-2532 [john((@))]

Mrs. Bonnie Fitzpatrck, O.P.; Historian.

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