Blessed Margaret of Castello Chapter


John Keenan, O.P.L., Formation Director

See, ARCHIVES for prior curricula and editions of Idaho Dominicana.

See below for Formation Source Materials and Resources.

I.  Current A.D. 2017 Curriculum.

II.     Reflections

    i.   On Friendship.  [August 21, 2007].

III.   Formation Programs

    i.   Essential Elements of Dominican Spirituality Formation Program (Fr. Bart de la Torre, O.P.)

                *  Summation of the Essential Elements of Dominican Spirituality Formation Program.

    ii.  First Year Formation Program (St. Joseph Province)

            a.    Table of Contents, Topic 1: The Dominican Laity; Topic 2: The Objectives of the Order

            b.    Topic 3: Living in the Spirit of the Beatitudes in the World Today; Topic 4: The Dominican Laity, the Importance of Community; Topic 5: The Dominican Tertiary as a Contemplative in Modern Society;  Topic 6: Liturgical Prayer; Topic 7:  The Rule; Topic 8: Formation.

            c.    Session I: Spirit & Aims of St. Dominic; Session II: Dominicans, People of the Word; Session III: A Working Proposal for a Formation Program for the Lay Dominicans.

            d.   Session IV: Part 1, The Apostolate and the Lay Dominicans; Session IV: Part 2, Study and the Lay Dominican.

             e.  Session V: Community.

             f.   Session VI:  Community in Practice.

     iii.    a.  The Pillars of Dominican Life (Gregory Anderson, OP, revised by Fr. Bart de la Torre, O.P.).  

     iv.     Formation Program for the Laity (Western Dominican Province (Link).

Formation Source Materials and Resources.

        i.     Holy Scripture

                a.  Douay Rheims

                b.  New American Bible

                c.  Haydock Bible & Commentary

                d.  Catholic Bibles, Studies, Commentaries, and Daily Readings

                c.  How to Read Holy Scripture

        ii.    Vatican Council II; Documents of

                a.  Guadium et Spes; Pastoral Constitution; Church in the Modern World.

                b.  Lumen Gentium.

                    i.  Summary of Lumen Gentium, Chapter IV Summary of Lumen Gentium Chapter VI  Prepared for Monthly Chapter         Meeting on Saturday, August 17, 2013.

        iii.   Catechism of the Catholic Church

        iv.   Code of Canon Law.

        v.    Dominican Spirituality, Principles and Practice; by William A. Hinnebusch, O.P. (1965).

        vi.   The Dominican Prayer Life

       vii.    A Summation of Aquinas on the Virtues.

      viii.    St. Dominic's Nine Ways of Prayer.

        ix.    History of the Dominican Habit.

        xii.    Contemplation and Prayer (St. Rose of Lima).

       xiii.   Dominican Mission Manual (Western Dominican Province Preaching).

       xiv.   Prayer for the Busy Lay Dominican.

        xv.   Prayer and Penance for Lay People.

       xvi.   Spirit of Dominican Mendicancy

      xvii.   Third Order Glossary of Terms (pdf)

IV.    The Basics for Inquirers and all Dominicans:

A.    What is a Dominican?

B.    RULE for Dominican Laity

C.   The Canon of Scripture (articles from A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture, Nelson & Sons, 1953),

    i.     Introduction
    ii.    Old Testament
    iii.   New Testament

D    Spirit and Aims of St. Dominic (Session 1)

E.   Short History of Blessed Margaret of Castello.

E.    The Dominican Litany

F.    The Seven Principles of Protestantism.

          G.    The Nine Biblical Principles for Prayers to be Heard Without Fail.  

          H.    A Brief History of St. Dominic. 

          G.    Summation on St. Thomas on the Virtues.

V.    Bible Study.

        A.    St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans

        B.    Links to Bible and Bible Research Material:  

VI.   Important Resources and other Dominican items.

        A.    Short study on Righteousness.  Beatitudes.  Matthew 5:6.  A personal call to holiness. 16 April 2000

        B.     Letter to Inquirers.

        C.    Public Policy and the Natural Law.

        D.    Beatitudes (Divine Intimacy).

        E.    A Colloquy on the Natural Law.

       F.    Letter to the Lay Provincial Council re: The Dominican Charism of Preaching: An Inquiry (June 2004).

        G.  The Priesthood is a call from God, Filled with GRace, to be Stewards of the Mysteries of God. 

        H.     On Indulgences.   Internet References on Indulgences.  Colloquium on 29 October 2000.

                            1.    The Indulgences by John C. Keenan, OPL

                            2.    Apostolic Times and the Fathers by Mary Ellen Nourse, OPL

        I.    Comparing Roe v. Wade with Dred Scott decision on Slavery.  An excellent summary of this legal trickery.

      J.  Liturgical Calendars, Liturgy of the hours and other website links. 

               a.  Liturgy of the Hours:

               b.  Roman Calendar:  




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