a  Meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month,

a  10:30 a.m., St. Mark's Catholic Church, 7960 Northview, Boise, Idaho, 83704; 208.375.6651





              For 2017, the Chapter will be studying the basics of Dominican Spirituality for the Laity.  The subject matter set out in “Pillars” to include (1) Preaching (and Truth); (2) Prayer; (3) Assiduous Study; (4) Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary; and, (6) Community.   This study is grounded largely on Fr. Bart de la Torre’s First Year Formation course and other material, that will be handed out each month at the Chapter meeting and posted online at

             The Pillar of Preaching will review the subject of Truth and Preaching in the world which we live.  The Pillar of Prayer will seek to cover the various forms of Prayer in the Christian world, including the Holy Mass, the Divine Office, Contemplative, and, among others, St. Dominic’s Nine Ways of Prayers.  The Pillar of Assiduous Study will discuss study in general, but also general topics in the modern world that the Faithful face today.  For instance, the following subjects will be discussed:  Philosophy & Theology; Grace, the subject of, including actual and salvific and the Catholic and Protestant views of Grace; the problem with Universalisms (e.g. realisms, nominalism, conceptualism, etc.; the definition and study of heresy, schism; Ecclesiology; conflict between Faith and Science (is there?); critical thinking and religion; study on time, talent and treasurer (stewatrdship); our true temporal assets: time, energy and intelligence; biblical commentary; and the Church Speaks to the Third Order by Fr. Bart de la Torre, O.P.  The Pillar of Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary will include the monthly Chapter Rosary, a monthly devotional, a devotional prayer dedicated our Chapter to the Blessed Virgin Mary under her Son, Jesus Christ, and a focus on the 100th Anniversary of Fatima.  And, the Pillar of Community, which includes the monthly fellowship among Chapter members but also monthly talks from apostolates and missions of the Chapter and individual members of the Chapter including D.O.E.R.S among others.

             At each monthly Chapter meeting, a hand-out will be provided to each member present, and the readings will be posted online at

             If you have any questions, please contact the Formation Director at 208.375.2532 (leave a message) or at  In closing, please pray for two of our distant novices, including Brian Zimmer, 169211, 6564 State Highway 96, Olney Springs, CO 81062-8700, and Thomas Rochford of Alberta, Canada

             Sincerely in St. Dominic,

            John Keenan, O.P.L.

                Formation Director

                Blessed Margaret of Castello Chapter

                Boise, Idaho 83704 U.S.A.




2017 Curriculum

a   Session I.             


a   Session II.            Saturday, February 18, 2014, 10:30 o'clock a.m.



1.         PREACHING.  Veritas – Truth      Quid est veritas?  (What is truth?).  The Chapter will study various sources on the discussion of Truth, including but not limited to Biblical, St. Thomas, theological, philosophical, and others.  Truth matters.  In the age of sentiment and feelings, Truth is necessary as a witness to the world.  Please read:

            A.  pages 44 to 48, of Summa Theologiae A Concise Translation, St. Thomas Aquinas (Christian Classics)

            b.  Alternative reading: pages 19 to 21, At Tour of the Summa, by Paul J. Green, Tan Books.


2.         PRAYER.       Liturgical Prayer.  What is the liturgy?  What does the term Liturgy mean?  Discussion.


3.         ASSIDUOUS STUDY.  What is assiduous Study?   In the 2017 Curriculum for Formation, we will be studying various topics, sources, and issues involving various matters of the Faith.  For February and part of March, the Chapter will be studying the following. 

            Please read:

            A.  The Pillars of Dominican Life (Dominican Spirituality for the Laity), Gregory Anderson, O.P., revised by Bartholomew de la Torre, O.P., The Pillar of Study.

            B.   General Introduction to the Bible as a Whole¸ a study of the Bible by Fr. Bart de la Torre, O.P. with a reading entitled “The Bible in the Life of the Church” by Augustine Cardinal Bea, and “The Formation and History of the Canon” by R.C. Fuller. 

            C.  Dominican Saints:

                    1.  St. Thomas Aquinas (January 28)

                    2.  St. Jordan of Saxony (February 13)


4.         DEVOTION TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY.  Rosary.  A devotional to the Blessed Virgin Mary will be prayed, that devotes our Chapter to the Blessed Virgin under her patronage, dedicated to her Son, Jesus Christ.


5.         COMMUNITY.  The monthly meeting is a part of this Pillar, including the fellowship of members, but also to get to know each other, check on each other’s progress in the Faith, but also in life.  We are here for one another to learn and abide in the Faith.  This month, we will hear from one of the Apostolates of the Chapter.



a   Session III.           March, 2017


1.   PREACHING The Eighth Commandment. Truth: Living in; Bearing Witness; Offenses Against; Respect for; and, Beauty and Sacred Art.   Catechism of the Catholic Church, Catechism of the Catholic Church, paras 2464 to 2513.


2.   PRAYER. Morning Prayer.  Liturgy of the Hours.  St. Catherine’s Dialog.


3.   ASSIDUOUS STUDY.  I.  The Holy Bible: Canon of Scriptures.  A little history of the Canon.  The Study of the Holy Bible. (Continued from February study).  Complete the Study on the Bible.  Readings here:  General Introduction to the Bible as a Whole.  II.  What is Theology?  What is Theology?  III.  Dominican Saints:  Blessed Henry of Suso (March 2nd) ("Servant of Eternal Wisdom).  


4.   DEVOTION TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY.   Rosary.  A devotional to the Blessed Virgin Mary will be prayed. 


5.   COMMUNITY.   This Pillar involves the monthly meeting, the fellowship of the Chapter, to get to know one another, to check on each other's progress in the Faith, but all in life. Hope to hear from one of the Apostolates of the Chapter. 


a  Session IV.           April 2017


a   Session V.             May 2017


a   Session VI.            June 2017


a   Session VII.           July 2017


a   Session VIII.         August 2017


a   Session IX.            September 2017


a   Session X.              October 2017


a   Session XI.            November 2017


a   Session XII.   .       December 2017




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