Read chapters from Genesis 24-end

CCC; paragraphs 2598-2649


GOALS:         1.         Know and recognize Christ’s ancestors.

2.                  Learn lessons for a Christian life of faith from Joseph



1.                  After Abraham, this lesson lists five of Christ’s paternal ancestors and three maternal ancestors.  List them and summarize what you learned about each from this reading.  (You may need to refer to Mt. 1 for the list of ancestors.)


2.                  Two of his maternal ancestors changed the natural course of history.  Who were they?  What did they do?


3.                  Jacob had three sons older than the one who earned the birthright and the main blessing from his father.  What did the older sons do to lose these privileges?


4.                  Joseph was not a direct relation to Christ, but he most resembles Him.  What did you learn from his that you could apply to your own Christian life of faith?


5.                  There are many stories in this section.  Which one was your favorite?  Why?