Marilyn Wilde, O.P.L.

Formation Director

Blessed Margaret of Castello Chapter


To prepare for the Chapter meeting, please read:


            1.         Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraphs 2759-2865

            2.         The Book of Genesis, Chapters 12 to 23.


Program for the Chapter meeting:


            1.         St. Dominic; presented by Pam Gross.

            2.         Blessed Margaret of Castello; Theresa Lester

            3.         St. Catherine of Siena; Theresa Kosik

            4.         Dominican Spirituality; Jessica Skeen

            5.         Discussion: see questions below.

            6.         On the Catechism (see reading assignment above); Max Mohun


Questions for discussion:  [Important: for distant members, please review in advance and provide your responses to John Keenan directly at  He will print up the responses and share them during the discussion during the broadcast!]


1.                  What did Abraham do to merit the title “Father of the Faith”?  Be prepared to defend your ideas.



2.                  Why do you think Haydock calls Sarah a “prototype of the Church”?



3.                  Are the people in these stories perfect or do they have imperfections?  Give examples to prove your point.



4.                  How is Isaac a prototype of Christ?



5.                  Analyze Abraham’s prayer life.  What can you do to make your prayer life more like his?




The above are two key resources for your study.  Use both resources alongside the Holy Bible.  Review the above links along with your Bible. There should be a "compare" link above the Scripture verses. If you click on this, it will drop down a list of checkboxes. You can list different texts alongside each other by checking the different boxes.


This will work for any part of the Scriptures, not just Genesis.