Questions for February Meeting  

HOMEWORK:  Read Genesis 3-11 and Job


1.                  Consider how sin affects the individual sinner(s), Adam and Eve.

a.       What did they do?

b.      How did they react to God?

c.       Did they repent?

d.      What were the consequences of their sin?

e.       How did God show them his mercy?

f.       How does their sin affect us?


2.                  Describe the sin of Cain.

a.       What did he do?

b.      Was he repentant when God confronted him?

c.       What were the consequences of his sin?  For himself? For his family? (Imagine how Adam and Eve would have reacted to Abel’s death)

d.      How did God show Cain his mercy?


3.                  What was the consequence of society’s sin in the story of Noah?

a.       How did this consequence affect the animal kingdom?

b.      How did it affect Noah before, during, and after the flood?

c.       In chapter 9 what does God tell Noah about man’s relation to the animal kingdom? About God’s relations with mankind? 

d.      What is a covenant?  What covenant did God make with Noah?  What was the sign of this covenant?

e.       What sin did Noah’s son Ham commit?  How did this affect the societies which Noah’s sons fathered?


4.                  How does sin affect society in the story of the tower of Babel? 

Given that sin divides and grace unites, how did sin at the tower divide?  What New Testament event unties people?


5.                  How do society’s sins affect us?   How do our sins affect society?