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    Monday, November 11, 2002

    +St. Martin of Tours


    1. The Aquinas Circle is gathering the second Saturday of each month at St. Paul’s.  If you wish to join the Circle, please contact Phil Ferguson at 362-0894.   The meetings include a monthly get-together to study the Summa Theologica authored by St. Thomas Aquinas, the angelic doctor.  The Thomistic writings are clear and concise and helpful in the building up of Faith.  Join Phil in this monthly study. 
    2. Regional MeetingDecember 7, 2002, Saturday.  We have yet to plan the time, date, and place of the meeting.
    3. Lucy KobusingyeOne of our most recent attendees has sent us new music that we can learn for the Glory Be.  It is beautiful.  As many remember at our last meeting, we sang her version of the Hail Mary.  It was very nicely done, well organized, rhythmic so that that it can be easily sung.  We should make it a group song.  I look forward to our next meeting so that Lucy can introduce it.  Lucy: Please bring your tape or CDs again to our next meeting if you can. 
    4. John Keenan:  Please pray for John’s application for judgeship.  On Thursday, November 7, 2002, John submitted an application for judgeship in Boise, Ada County, Idaho, Idaho’s capital city.  In God’s time…….
    5. Ken:  Ken and Leslie Jercha, OPL, have had quite a time in the last year and one-half.  Most recently, Ken had gall bladder surgery.  He is recovering.  I understand his job in the Silicon Valley is slowing down and may terminate due to the economy.  Please pray for them.  Ken is an able, articulate fellow that knows and loves his Faith in Our Lord.  It is such a pleasure to have them part of the Dominicans.
    6. Homedale.  Please pray for the apostolate in Homedale.  For those who have not seen the facility, the metal frame of the retreat center was completed some time ago, but Mark Gross, OPL, and Gwen McGarvey, OPL, have seen to it that the cement floor has been put in place.  It needs to cure and waxed, but once completed, we can begin construction of the interior of the building.  The back half of the building can hold two floors, which can include bunkrooms, and a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom downstairs, with a conference area towards the front of the building.  Thanks Mark and Gwen for your generosity and donation to the Chapter.  If you know someone who can help, please call Gwen McGarvey, chairman of the property committee, at 343-6894, or Gayle Boyer, OPL, Homedale director, at 337-4583……with materiel, money, or other donations.  It qualifies for a tax deduction under the Internal Revenue Code, as the chapter is a nonprofit tax exempt organization recognized by the IRS.   Our goal is to complete the retreat center, as well as a chapel at the facility.  Gayle Boyer is presently living at the site and cares for it on a daily basis.
    7. Rosary Booklets.   If you want a Rosary booklet, please call John Keenan at 375-2532 or Phil Ferguson at 362-0894.  The chapter would like to donate as many as possible around the valley.  It is a wonderful apostolate in this time and need for prayers for peace.
    8. Status of Third Order professions.  There are 14 temporarily or perpetually professed people in our chapter.  Of those, many may need to have the temporary professions renewed.  In addition, there are a few folks who would like to make profession in the Order.  Don’t worry, Fr. Matanic, OP will not be able to come to Idaho until 27 June 2003, but your prior commitment to the Order is in place until he can be here. At that time, we will be sure to inform you of the exact time and place of profession. 
    9. Recruitment.   ASK PEOPLE TO COME TO OUR MEETINGS.  We have set an introductory meeting for the 3rd Sunday of January, 2003, January 19, 2003.  At that time, we will cover the Dominican charisms, the Order, and other things that form the heart and soul of the Order of Preachers founded by St. Dominic.  ASK PEOPLE.  By the way, you are invited to be there as well. 
    10. Retreat.  Fr. George Matanic, OPL will be here on 27, 28, 29 June 2003 for a weekend retreat.  Reserve those dates on your calendar.  He is pastor at Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Berkeley, California and is the Order’s provincial promoter of the laity.  That is the date we will have professions in 2003.
    11. November meeting.  This month’s meeting is on the 3rd Sunday, 17 November 2002 at St. Paul’s Student Center, 1915 University Drive, Boise, Idaho.  (This is Mark and Gwen’s 18th wedding anniversary!). 

    You are invited.  The schedule is as follows:

    (a)     1:00 – 1:30 - Lunch,

    (b)     1:30 – 1:50 – Rosary in chapel

    (c)     2:00 – 2:10 -  Gather in Lower Lounge, and Prayer

    (d)     2:10 – 2:30  - Commentary on Gospel of St. Matthew, Jim & Kathleen Schuck

    (e)     2:30               Pope John Paul II’s apostolic letter on the Rosary.


    Introduction – John

    Ch. 1 – Phil

    Ch. 2 – Bonnie

    Ch. 3 – Gayle

    Conclusion – Margaret

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