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Her country, her birth, her inclinations, and the vow of virginity which she made at the age of five years




Her obedience, the respect she had for her parents, and the assistance she rendered them




S. Rose takes the habit of the Third Order of S. Dominic, in imitation of S. Catherine of Sienna, who she had taken for her model




Her humility, her incomparable purity of heart, and other virtues




Her fasts, her disciplines, and the other austerities with which she macerated her body




Of the sharp-pointed crown which she wore on her head, and of the hardness of her bed




Of her solitude, and the hermitage which she had built in her fatherís garden, that she might live quite separated from men




Jesus Christ espouses the Blessed Rose in the presence of the ever Blessed Virgin




Of the close union with God to which she attained by means of mental prayer




She is tormented with interior pains to so frightful a degree that she is examined by some divines, who declare her state to be from God




Of the familiar manner in which Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin, S. Catherine of Sienna and her Guardian Angel conversed with her; and of the victories which she gained over the devils who tempted her




Of her invincible patience under persecution, in sickness, and in her other sufferings





Of her love for her Divine Spouse Jesus Christ, and of the miracle which she entreated Him to work to inflame the hearts of men with His Divine love




Of her devotion towards the most Blessed Sacrament, in defense of which she once prepared herself to suffer martyrdom




Of her devotion to an image of our Blessed Lady, to the sign of the Cross, and to her dear mistress S. Catherine of Sienna




Of her zeal for the salvation of souls, and her care in assisting the poor in their sickness and necessity




Of her confidence in God, and of the protection she received from him in her necessities





God makes know to S. Rose that a monastery of nuns will be built in Lima, under the name of S. Catherine of Sienna, and reveals to her several other secrets





Of her last illness and death



Of the honor which S. Rose received after death, and of the translation of her body which took place some time afterwards




Of the revelation which several persons had of the glory of S. Rose




Of the miracles which almighty God worked through the merits of S. Rose


  1. Of the conversions which the prayers of S. Rose obtained
  2. Two dead persons raised to life, and many miraculously cured by touching the body of S. Rose, and invoking her assistance in their infirmities
  3. After St. Roseís death many sick persons were restored to health, and several women assisted in their labor, by touching her veil or some part of her dress
  4. several persons afflicted with dysentery, quinsy, fever, frenzy, and other maladies, have been cured by powder from the sepulcher of our Saint
  5. Pictures of S. Rose applied to persons afflicted with leprosy, quinsy, gout, headache, and other infirmities, have been the means of restoring health to them





Of the efforts made at Rome to obtain from the Pope her canonization


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Text from the Fr. Faber translation, Peter F. Cunningham, fourth edition, 1855

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