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Nine Biblical Principles of Prayer

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            The Nine Biblical requirements for prayers to be heard without fail.  According to the Bible, our prayers will be heard (Mt. 7:7-11, 1 Jn. 5:14-15) if we are:

            1.         People of Faith:           Mt. 15:28, Lk. 17:19, Jm. 1:6-8.

            2.         Humble, i.e. totally dependent upon God, without self-righteousness and free of contempt and resentment: Ps. 55:23, Prov. 3:34, 1Pet. 5:5,7.

            3.         Forgiving:  Mk. 11:25-26, Lk. 6:35-37, 11:4, Mt. 5:11-12.

            4.         Generous:        Lk. 6:38, Jm. 4:2-3.

            5.         Constant:  Lk. 11:5-13, 18:1.

            6.         Confident:  Mt. 8:13, 9:27-29, Mk 11:24, Jm. 1:6-8.

            7.         In a state of Grace:  1 Jn. 3:21-22, Jn. 14:23, 15:7.  If one is not in the state of grace, God in His mercy may still answer his prayers, offered out of perfect contrition and in accord with the other 8 requirements: Lk. 15: 7, 10, 21-24, 18:13-14.

            8.         In union with Jesus:  Ps. 37:4, Jn. 14:13, 16:23.

            9.         Grateful:  Lk. 17:11-19.

God is especially ready to hear our pleas for spiritual gifts:  Lk. 11:13, 12:29-31, Mt. 6:7-10, 12-13, Jn. 16:24, Jm. 1:5.

Conclusion:  To be heard, we must pray, but we must do so correctly, including not asking for what we know is evil (Jm. 4:2-3).   God always answers our prayers correctly offered, thought not always the way we expect, for if He sees it is better for us, He gives us something other than what we are asking for (Mt. 7:11, Lk. 11:13).

           Fr. Bartholomew de la Torre, OP, Ph.D., 24 IX 00, TAC, Santa Paula, CA.

St. Dominic receives the rosary from the Blessed Virgin Mary
St. Dominic receives the rosary from the Blessed Virgin Mary
according to a vision of St. Catherine of Siena

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