Blessed Margaret of Castello Chapter Council

Third Order of St. Dominic, Inc.

Be It Resolved by the Blessed Margaret of Castello Chapter Council that a new Committee is hereby formed in accordance with Art. II, section 2(b) of the corporate bylaws, said Committee shall be subject to the corporate bylaws and resolutions of the Council; it shall be named the "University Student Dominican Institute," or such other name as the Committee shall determine upon its formation; with such authority and corporate powers as delegated to the Committee in the form of bylaws as approved by the Council, including but not limited to establishment of forming and educating university students in the tradition of the Dominican spiritual and intellectual life, for the creation of a board of directors, for the establishment of a banking account and other accounts as necessary, and for use of the corporate tax exempt status provided it shall comply with the law and corporate bylaws as applicable.

Adopted by a quorum of the Council unanimously at its regular monthly meeting on the 1st day of September, 2012.



a nonprofit Idaho corporation.



Mark Gross, O.P.(Lay)

Its Secretary