Idaho Lay Dominicans
Preparation for donated Garage
Chapter House
July 8, 2006


In 2005, Kathleen Schuck, OPL, donated her garage to be moved to the Chapter House in Homedale. This garage will be used as a support structure during the construction of our chapel. 

Prior Mark Gross with Formation Director John Keenan, assisted by Dominic and Tim Keenan, inspect the pad for the garage. We will need to drill 13 24" deep holes for the 6"x6" posts.
Management begins measuring and marking for drilling.
Don't let the term "Management" fool you. We're kids having fun. Dom, you can use the spray paint next!
Who says tractors are not compatible with contemplative prayer...
OK, time to drill
Lets see; brakes on right, clutch on left, or was it...
After dad has done the first half of the holes, Dominic takes charge. 9AM to 3PM and we are done. It will be nice if the holes are in the right place, because Tuesday morning the building...
which today is up on the trailer in Eagle, will be transported and delivered. It will be nice if the holes are in the right place for the posts!
In case you wondered, how do you move a garage, the answer is: hire a professional!

July 19, 2006 - The garage is delivered!

Rising out of the corn fields, the barn appears in the distance!
It was moved by Huckstep House Movers during the previous night and left in the city of Homedale at about 2AM. At 11:30AM this morning they picked it up and brought it in on the ditch road and down between the corn. Only a few stalks were lost, a real tribute to careful and consciencious work.
Once at the final location, there was an interesting obstacle to overcome. The arrow points to the well head, and they had to be careful not to damage it. there also is an irrigation ditch flowing with water between Bill Huckstep (in the blue shirt) and the white and blue winch truck behind him. We were curious as to how this would be done...
Marvels of house moving technology! The rear wheels are stearable! Bill directed the driver by radio, and his complete command of the geometry of truck and stearable trailer were immediately apparant!
Who would have thought this rig could turn a right angle. I was impressed.
once around the well head, only two forward and back moves were required to line the garage posts up over the holes we had drilled.
Now the surprises. We'd figured there would be some trimming to do, and there was. They were not going to do it. So at 2PM, they broke for lunch while Gayle and I opened up holes that were slightly off, and re-dug another that was a complete miss. Someone needs to take away my tape measure and retire me from this sort of project...
Watch me hold this whole building up with my shoulder!
After lunch, and after we'd shoveled our hearts out, they backed up the hydraulic truck. This hydraulic rig powers all the jacks that are used to lift and lower the building.
The crew built cribs of 8x8s and assorted timbers to set the jacks on.
Bill, at the controls under the umbrella, then started a well cooreographied "dance" with his crew, raising, blocking, lowering, wedging...
...and running to the truck for more timbers!
We watched many sets of legs working the jacks. Not really sure about this three-legged critter!
By 5:30PM, the building was down and the crew was packed up and gone. The building is still sitting on cribs/blocks, and we have about a week to place concrete in the holes to set the posts. God willing, we'll schedule and complete that late next week.

July 28, 2006 - Volunteer help to cement the posts!

At the Tuesday 6AM men's prayer group at the Cathedral of St. John, I asked if anyone could help with the task of cementing the posts. There was an immediate response which was overwhelming! We met at 6:30AM that following Firday to head to Homedale.

To Russ I extend my heartfelt thanks for being the dynamo behind this trip, and insuring that it functioned smoothly.
Mike took the day off work to come and help. A double gift. We took out 50 80lb bags of pre-mix concrete (and returned 15). That means 2,800 lbs of dry concrete went into the ground!
Russ measured and carried water. This is from the new well, pumping with the assistance of the Fitzpatrick's generator! You wouldn't want to drink the stuff, but it made concrete just fine.
The concrete was mixed in the wheelbarrow, a bag at a time.
The other half of the crew was Don and Gary, who put back together the center posts which the movers had cut off. This was a tricky task, but they worked smoothly and efficiently.
There were 13 holes to put concrete in. Starting at 8AM, we were cleaned up and on the road home by 11AM.
Gentlemen, thank you, and thanks be to God!

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