Idaho Lay Dominicans
Building gets a Floor!
Homedale farm property
on October 14, 2002


In the early hours of the morning of October 14, 2002, the future Blessed Margaret of Castello chapel received the gift of a floor!  A fleet of three cement mixers delivered the mix.

Dave Satherly, (Jayhawk Concrete, Ontario OR) and his crew made fast work of the pour and initial surfacing work.

Because of cold weather, the final finishing had to be done by hand.  Perhaps being on one's knees in a chapel is the place to be, after all!

By sunset, the floor was finished.  Early the next morning the floor was saw-cut, and the job was complete.  The next step will be to put a sealer and wax finish on the floor.

The Homedale project resident Director, Gayle Boyer, smiles approvingly!

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