Idaho Lay Dominicans
erect cross at
Homedale farm property
on Good Friday, 2002


The Blessed Margaret of Castello pro-chapter met on Good Friday, 2002 to erect a cross on the site of what will be the shrine to Blessed Margaret of Castello.  While Formation Director John Keenan (right) digs, Sub-Prior Mark Gross and Domini-kid Matt Keenan watch.


Phil Ferguson (kneeling), chapter Treasurer, built the cross from recycled materials acquired in the usual manner.  While many hands made light work (standing, left to right are Gayle Boyer, Sandra Ferguson, Stephanie DeNinno, Prioress, and John Keenan), all were aware of the tremendous love and sacrifice of our Lord represented by this simple cross.

With help from Janet O'Leary (right, green scarf), Stepanie DeNinno (in black) erects the cross with help from Lorette Weaver (in blue) and  John Keenan.  Visible in the background is the Fitzpatrick's barn, and the grove of trees where the rosary meditation trail will be built.


Stephanie DeNinno and Lorette Weaver steady the cross prior to pouring the cement for the base.

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