Idaho Lay Dominicans
Interior construction begins!
Blessed Margaret Shrine
on Jan 2, 2004


On January 2, 2004, the future Blessed Margaret of Castello chapel received a pile of building materials and a blanket of snow! 

Bill Ruby, BC Construction, is the prime contractor doing the conversion from barn. The framing goes between the posts of the Cleary steel building, a novel way to construct. Gayle Boyer looks on.

Formation director John Keenan and treasurer Phil Ferguson apply some elbow grease to clean windows on a cold January afternoon.

By the early February, the interior is taking shape and one gets the feeling of the great room.

Casidy, our drywall mud subcontractor, slaps the mud around with great skill and speed. View is from great room to kitchen.

Gwen McGarvey smiles approvingly. During most of the construction Gwen was bed-ridden from the effects of leukemia and chemotherapy. However, starting with the first of the year (2004) she gained strength, and was able to come and see the progress, may God be praised.

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