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    Blessed Margaret of Castello, OP Chapter-in-Formation

    17 June 2001

    Blessed Margaret of Castello, OP, Chapter-in-Formation

    Third Order of Preachers, St. Dominic

    No. 3:  pillar of prayer


              Goal:   “from the first day you made up your mind to acquire understanding and humble yourself before God, your prayer was heard.”  Daniel 10:12.

                                    “Just as it is better to enlighten than merely to shine, so it is better to give to others the fruits of one’s contemplations than merely to contemplate.”  St. Thomas Aquinas.


    I..                    Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Frequent, if not daily, attendance to Holy Mass.  We lead busy lives.  Our goal is to be daily communicants, if not in fact, then by use of Spiritual Communion with Christ.  This is the central mystery of our faith.  We draw closer to the Lord.  St. Dominic went to Mass everyday.  St. Catherine as well.   St. Thomas Aquinas was moved to tears at Mass, and he was the composer of the Eucharistic hymns, “Page Lingua” and “Panis Angelicus”.   We are encouraged to participate in daily Mass, and if not possible, as frequent as possible.

    a.        Catechism of the Catholic Church, Article 3, The Sacrament of the Eucharist, Sections 1322-1419.

    II.                   Morning and Evening Prayer:

    a.        participate in the Morning and Evening Prayer life.

    III.                 Dominican Rosary

    a.    Form of the Dominican Rosary.

    a.        Catechism of the Catholic Church, Sections 964-975, 2678 and 2708.

    b.        Mother of the Redeemer, John Paul II, (An Encyclical Letter, 1987; available on the internet).

    IV.                Read before meeting, and be prepared to discuss: “Liturgical and Personal Prayer”  submitted by Josephine Kelly, OPL, St. Joseph Province.

    To Praise * to Bless * to Preach

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