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    Blessed Margaret of Castello, OP Chapter-in-Formation

    Sunday, May 20, 2001

    Blessed Margaret of Castello, OP, Chapter-in-Formation

    Third Order of Preachers, St. Dominic


     The Pillar of Preaching

    1.        “The Church Speaks to the Lay Member of the Order of Preachers.”

    by  Fr. Bart de la Torre, OP

    a.       review

    b.       discuss

    2.        “St. Dominic founded an Order of Preachers whose evangelical spirituality promotes, fosters and supports the Dominican charism of preaching with a life of intense Prayer and study and a community of charity.  Forever 800 ears the Dominican Order has proclaimed the Gospel to all people, cultures and ages.

    “To be effective preachers of the Word of God we must prepare and constantly make use of the grace of preaching, which is given to us by the [Holy] Spirit through our commitment to prayer and meditation, study and community.  The call to preach is a call to holiness, to contemplation, to sharing the fruits of our contemplation, to deepening our spirits [in relation to God], and to living the Beatitudes. ”

    First Year Formation Program, Province of the Holy Name of Jesus, Western Dominican Province.

    2.       Ecclesial Basic Communities, by John Paul II.

    3.       Other sources regarding Lay members of this Order:

    a.       The Lay Members of Christ’s Faith People: Apostolic Exhortation of John Paul II

    b.       An encyclical entitled “Mission of the Redeemer: The Encyclical Letter of John Paul II”

    c.        Vatican II documents.

    To Praise * to Bless * to Preach

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