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    The Third Order of St. Dominic

    Blessed Margaret of Castello Chapter-in-Formation

    Sunday, September 19, AD 1999

    Holy Apostles Catholic Church

    500 North Eagle Road

    Eagle, Idaho  83616

              Please invite anyone you believe will be interested in the Dominican Order.  Now is the time, as we will start a new formation program this coming November, 1999!

    Monthly Chapter Meeting

    Saturday, September 18, 1999 at St. Mark’s in Boise.

                7:00 a.m.         Liturgy of the Hours                            “cry room”

                7:30 a.m.         Rosary                                                 sanctuary

                7:50 a.m.         Holy Sacrifice of the Mass                   sanctuary

                [Often, members may get together for coffee or breakfast after Mass].

    Sunday, September 19, 1999 at Holy Apostles in Eagle.

    1:00 p.m.  please bring an item for “pot-lunch at Holy Apostles in Eagle.

                2:00 p.m.         Chapter meeting commences             downstairs

    Program for Meeting:  Lifelong Learning

    1.  Opening Prayer & Presentation (Prioress)

    2.  Formation (Formation Director)

                a.  St. Dominic  (Mark Gross)

                b.  Patron Saint:  Thomas Aquinas.  Background  (Phil Ferguson)

                c.  Prayer (for Wisdom) (Wisdom 9)

                c.  Scripture: Luke 24:13-25

    f.   Review:

                Remember the Outline given to you earlier in Formation:

    “The Essential Elements of Dominican Spirituality”

    as conceived by St. Dominic and Approved by the Church

               I.          The general purpose—The Perfection of Charity

                II.         The Specific Purpose—Preaching and Salvation of Souls—The ministry of the word—The Active Life

                III.       The means—The Contemplative Life

                            A.  The Common Life

                            B.   The Evangelical Counsels

                            C.  Communal Liturgical and non-Liturgical prayers

                            D.  Assiduous Study

                            E.  Regular Observances

                And the Mottos of the Order:


                (Truth:  the motto of the Order chosen by St. Dominic

                                        Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare

                (to praise, to bless and to preach: the unofficial, but traditional, popular motto of the Order taken from a 13th C. Preface to a Mass in honor of the Bl. Virgin Mary.)

                                        Contemplari et Aliis Tradere Contemplata

                (To share what we have contemplated:  St. Thomas Aquinas’ summary of Dominican spirituality.)

                                     Studium Veritatis in Societate Fratrum

                (Literally: The study of truth in the society of brothers: the accurate sense: The pursuit of truth in the company of friends: St. Albert the Great’s summary of Dominican spirituality.)

                READ:   SPIRITUAL THEOLOGY by Jordan Aumann, O.F.M., in your notebook.  Please let John Keenan, T.O.P. know if you do not have that reading in your notebook by calling me at work at 466-0030 or home at 375-2532.

               g.   Question for contemplation and group discussion:  What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?  In what ways are we being called to lifelong learning?  Group discussion to follow.

                h.   Breaktime.

                i.  The Rule: “How does the Rule address lifelong learning and study?”

                j.  Closing discussion, prayer.

    Next Month:  “Prayer and Contemplation”  and “Review” of the Formation Program since October, 1998.  We will need someone to discuss St. Catherine, and her especial revelation on contemplation in her life.  Please let me know.


    John Keenan, T.O.P. wishes to have two or more others, in addition to himself, to assist with the formation program for next year.  Starting in November, 1999, we will commence a new class of formation, using last year’s formation for a new “class” of postulants for the coming year.  For those who have been with us, for those who are received into the Order, and those who are professed, temporarily or perpetually, will be starting a new class in November concentrating on The Beatitudes.    Leslie Jercha, T.O.P. has agreed to assist with the formation committee.  Others are welcome.  Please let John know of your interest.  It will require some planning meetings over the next couple of months to research and develop the program.

    To Praise * to Bless * to Preach

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